Business Intelligence Overview

Business Intelligence also known as BI is an act of transforming raw data into meaningful information for business analysis. It is an action contributing to the growth and success of an organization.

BI requires methods to collect and structure these data and present this reliable and significant information to enhance decision making process. Business Intelligence is based on Data Warehouse Technology, an electronic storage that extracts information from the operational system of an organization. This data is then transformed and loaded into Data Warehouses that is used for business insights.

Data Warehouse Architecture


Data comes in from various sources such as database, flat files and so on. An ETL (extract, transform and load) is performed using these data. The data moves to the staging area where temporary data is stored, used during ETL process before integrating the data to the data warehouse.  Data is accumulated in Data Warehousing that is complete and consistent store of data. Data is assembled and managed from various sources for analysis and reporting purposes that assists the end users to make informed business decisions.

Data Mart is a subset of Data warehouse that meets the demand of a specific department in an organisation such as Sales department, Purchase department and so on. This enables the end users to access information relevant to their  particular department.




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